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Enerblue was founded in 2007 in the highly specialized, technologically advanced eastern Veneto area: a young, dynamic company, it was founded on a desire to make the most of the outstanding heating and air conditioning know-how within this industrial district.












Company foundation and first heat pumps with R410A and R134a refrigerant.

Heat pump range extended to 250 kW.

Production of heat pumps with R744 (CO2) refrigerant.

Production of chillers with R290 (propane) refrigerant.

Production of heat pumps with low-GWP R513A refrigerant.

Production of heat pumps with R290 (propane) refrigerant.

Opening of climatic test chamber.

Opening of new markets for R290 (propane) and R744 (CO2) products.

Product portfolio update with medium and low GWP refrigerants.

New natural refrigerant projects started to improve product portfolio.

Growing the “green attitude”, working hard for HFC phase-down. 

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Global warming and the progressive need to reduce CO2 emissions demand that we make green and future-oriented choices. In addition to heat pumps with traditional refrigerant gases our vision and commitment to sustainability have led us to develop products that use natural refrigerants.

Propane (R290) and CO2 (R744) are central in the projects deelopment of our heat pumps.

The use of very low-GWP, high-efficiency natural refrigerant is now our mission.

Energy efficiency, open
innovation and constant growth


Thanks to constantly growing facilities, we analyse, design and produce every single product internally to meet a wide range of customer needs and provide innovative, efficient tailor-made solutions.

Our close contacts with the University of Padua, which has unrivalled expertise in these technologies, ensure our learning and growth curve is uninterrupted, always complies with the standards in force and is attentive to any impact on the environment.

Energy efficiency, open<br/>innovation and constant growth
Energy efficiency, open<br/>innovation and constant growth

We believe in our people

Thanks to a broad skills set, the Enerblue team can keep all the processes in-house; from research and design to production and marketing.

Francesco Ferrari

Technical area manager

After a long career in large-scale industrial companies, working with Enerblue has given me plenty of new opportunities for professional growth. With the help of the company - which has shown itself to be more than willing to invest in the future and a highly motivated team - we focus on research and innovation so we're always ready to respond to the needs of an increasingly demanding market.

Filippo Sanavia

Mechanical design

After some initial experience in the industry I finally found a place where I'm not just involved in mechanical design but also in the subsequent optimisation of production processes. A unique opportunity, then, to enhance my professional skills.

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Product Overview

Product Academy

We train our employees meticulously so we can provide an efficient, high quality service!

Climatic test chamber and witness tests & Technical and planning support

Always ready to respond to the customer's every need.

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